Can you benefit from teams' average goals?

Can you benefit from teams' average goals?

Hello once again,

In today's article we are going to demostrate a system dedicated on Under 2.5 market. The concept behind it, is: If both home and away teams of a single match are scoring under 2.5 goals at the exact circumstances (Home team avg home goals - Away Team avg away goals) and Under 2.5 is not tha favorite market for a reason , will that give us profit? Let's find out.

First of all, we need to set up the odds range filter from 2.00 until 8.60, this will guarantee us that we are betting when the Over 2.5 is the optimum market. Now, we have to go through: 

Goal Statistics -> Home Team -> Avg. Goals At Home -> Total (same applies for the Away Team)

In order to put our borders on how many goals both teams have scored. We set on both the limit from 0.00 to 2.5.

We select only leagues with yield of >30%, check all seasons availiable and we are done.

Your system should look like this: 

The only flaw of the system currently is the single season "2018-2018" but the sample is very small in order to be valid.

Question: Will the exact same strategy apply on overs? Or you thought of a scenario that could give you better profit?

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