Which month is the most beneficial to bet on a home win

Which month is the most beneficial to bet on a home win

The system below is an exceptional example on how to benefit from BetSuitePro database and back-testing technique. We will try to find the most profitable month to bet on favourites which at that specific period are placed between 1-5th position of the league table and playing against teams placed from 10-24th (due to some leagues have more teams than others, we have to cover every possible occasion).

The filters we need to apply on our system are the following:


Seasons: 2018-2019,2017-2018,2016-2017,2015-2016,2014-2015

Home Teams: All without Carlisle United

Month: Jan

Odds Range: From 1.20 to 3.00

Home League Position: From 1 to 5

Away League Position: From 10 to 24

 We gonna abstract only one team from our Home Teams sample which as you can see does not keep up with our system at all.

One valuable information which we can extract from the system above is that in January, the positions on the table have been clarified in a way that we know which teams for example are going to fight for the relegation or the title which means there is no time for losses by the favourites at home if they want to keep up with the rest, so most of the time they end up winning the game against lteams placed on the lower ranking of the league table.

There will be many more cases to find in which at any period of the season, some leagues will be valuable to bet on. 
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