How to use Teams filter

How to use Teams filter

Teams is a very powerful filter, as it provides you the opportunity to create betting systems for certain teams. By clicking on Teams filter, it will expand, and you have two main options, Home and Away Teams.

Home Teams allows you to select one or more home teams, as many as you would like. Simply select any checkbox next to the team to add them to your system. The list of teams will automatically be sorted by yield.

If you want to search for certain teams, you can do so by typing in the search box. You can also sort using other headers: Team name, Record, Odds or P/L, simply click on the column name of your choice. The same counts for Away teams.

You can select teams from various leagues. For example, you can create a betting system including big teams, like Real Madrid, Bayern, Juventus. With BetSuitePro you can find the most profitable teams for your betting systems in no time.

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