How to use Time Period filter

How to use Time Period filter

Time of the season can cause big shifts in team performance and the number of goals. This is particularly true in the certain leagues.

For example, after the return from the Winter Break goals may fall in particular leagues, while in the final few games the majority of leagues see some increase in the number of goals scored.

Using the Time Period filter, you can examine separately or in combination: Season, Game Number, Month or Day of the Week.

Season filter is essential when looking for year to year consistency of a betting system. You can select all available seasons to have the largest sample size, or you can narrow your research in just seasons you are interested.

Game Number is extremely useful when you want to use filters like League Position or Goal Statistics. There is no point in looking for League Position in the beginning of the season, as the League Table may lie. The same counts for goals statistics, since averages, should be based on a sample of at least ten games or so.

Month or Year is very helpful. There are hardly any teams that perform the same every month. Many teams hit form on certain periods. You can spot these teams and periods very easily. Goals scored also vary from Month to Month. For example, February and March are the months with the lowest scoring average, whereas May sees an increase in the number of goals scored.

Day of Week can prove helpful in fine-tuning your betting systems. There are differences from midweek to weekend performance. Home advantage hits a peak on Sunday, obviously due to higher home fans attendance.

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