How to use Leagues filter

How to use Leagues filter

BetSuitePro software covers 32 football leagues from all over the world. This means there are hundreds of matches to analyse for potential betting opportunities every week. There is certainly an advantage if you know what is going on in particular leagues.

To create a football betting system, you should choose the league or leagues you want to work with. You can choose between Winter leagues and Summer leagues, or you can mix and match from both categories.

Just click on the League button, then Winter or Summer Leagues and select the leagues you are interested in. Simply select the checkbox on the left of the league name, or click on the checkbox on the black bar on top to select (or deselect) all leagues.

If you want to look for certain leagues, type in the search box on top. League filter can be sorted by league name, record, yield (default option) or profit. Just click on the whatever you want and get sorted results immediately. By clicking twice on any column, you get the reverse sorting order.

For example, you want to find out which is the best league for home wins. You  should go for: 

System market: Home win           
Winter Leagues: All
Seasons: All

Then, click the Winter Leagues Edit button to find the answer instantly:

Click on Yield to get the reversed order and find the most unprofitable league in no time.

Using the League filter on daily basis gives you the opportunity to examine leagues separately and get instant results. This way, you can focus on the League or Leagues where there is likely to be value.
Tip: When you are finished with a system, always give League filter a go. You may find more Leagues that show profit and want to add them to your system.


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