A good betting system starts with an idea

A good betting system starts with an idea

A good betting system should start with an idea. Before you start creating your betting system, begin by asking a simple question – something like, “Are big teams more likely to bounce back after a defeat?” or “Is May the month with the most goals?” After you have a question in hand, you can start your research over the data to find the answer.

For example, the betting system below shows a very high yield and consistent season over season results. 

However, it has not been based on any theory. It's just picking the teams with the higher yield in specific months and days of the week. 

Without a hypothesis to test, you run the risk of reaching the wrong conclusions. Can you explain why your system is successful? Without a theory that makes sense, you could give in to custom fitting your data to increase a system’s profit.

Being able to answer the simple question “Does this betting system make sense?” can lead to better systems. It is important to have an underlying theory to explain why a betting system is successful.

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