Is there any value in Rangers and Celtic matches?

Is there any value in Rangers and Celtic matches?

The big two in Scottish football have always been Celtic and Rangers; every football fan knows this. But how can you find betting value in their matches?

One profitable angle during the last eight seasons has been the under 2.5 goals in all Celtic and Rangers home matches when the closing odds have been 2.30+.

The first and last month of the season, August and May show a negative return and are excluded.

There have been 100 games that fit the scenario described with more than half of them, 55 featuring less than three goals. With average odds 2.74, the yield has been 52.09% for a profit of 52.1 units.

Every single season since 2010-11 has been profitable with a yield of more than 20%. Last season, Rangers returned to the top flight after a four years absence and this was the best season regarding both yield and profit. 

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