How to use BetSuitePro

Getting Started 

To Create a New System, click create, select a market and pick a name. All the available filters are listed on the left, and there are over 40 to choose from. Decide what type of scenarios you want to test, you can look at certain leagues, time period, teams, Betfair Exchangr closing odds range, goal statistics or streaks. Save your system and as soon as a game fits your criteria, it will be listed at the Current System Picks tab.


To create a football betting system, you should choose the league or leagues you want to work with. You should select at least one league to start building a betting system. You can choose between Winter leagues or Summer leagues, or you can mix and match from both categories. Just click on the League button, then select Winter or Summer Leagues and select the leagues you are interested in. League filter can be sorted by league name, record, yield or profit. Just click on the whatever you want and get sorted results immediately.

Time period

Time Period contains four sub-filters.
Season: Click on the Season button, and immediately you get an overview of the system for every season. 
Game Number: A very useful filter, especially when you want to combine it with League Position or Goal Statistics. 
Month or Year: Simple click on the filter and find the most profitable months for your system.
Day of Week: Find the most profitable days for your betting systems in no time.


Teams is a very powerful filter, as it provides you the opportunity to create betting systems for certain teams. Do you believe that betting on big teams like Barcelona or Real Madrid when they are playing away from home is profitable?  Check it out in no time thanks to BetSuitePro. Find the most profitable teams for your betting systems, or remove the worst ones, it’s your choice.

Odds range

Every bettor aims to beat the odds and with the odds range filter you can focus on a specific odds range that you want to beat. The odds at BetSuitePro are Betfair Exchange closing odds. The closing odds are on average more accurate than the opening odds in predicting the underlying probability of an event. Simply choose the odds range of your choice by selecting the minimum and maximum odds on the odds bar. Check the record of your betting system immediately and adjust the odds to find the optimum range.

League position

The League Position filter lets you choose the position of the home and/or the away team in your betting system, at the time the game was played. You can adjust the filter by changing the end points on the range bar, or by simply entering whatever numbers you desire. As you change the end points, the results on top change instantly and you can easily find the most profitable situation for your betting system.

Goal statistics

Goal statistics filter is very helpful filter, especially when looking for profitable angles in the under/over markets. There are 24 sub-filters in total, 12 for the home team and 12 for the away. You can look for the team’s overall stats (games played both home and away), or just for the home team’s home games and away team’s away matches. Always use this filter along with the game number filter and allow for at least ten matches to have been played.


Streaks in football happen all the time. With BetSuitePro you can find test immediately various streaks scenarios. Some teams tend to bounce back immediately after a defeat; some other tend to relax after a win. Look to optimise your systems by using the Streaks filter, especially when you have a large sample. You may find more value when looking for teams on a certain streak.